NBC Defence Institute

The NBC Defence Institute is a University institute established in accordance with the law of 111/1998. It is designed to provide the highest university education, it is responsible for scientific, research, development or other creative activities and can contribute to teaching in accredited forms of programs or in parts of them.

The NBC Defence Institute is a part of the University of Defence. Its responsibility is primarily focused on applied research, science and teaching.

The priority of the teaching effort provided by the NBC Defence Institute staff is personnel education and training for CBRN units in the Czech Republic Armed Forces.

The Institute firmly roots from an academic community which allows direct exchange of scientific information and cooperation, carrying out accredited degree programs, improving Institute staff’s qualification and, last but not least, deployment of both specific and institutional research funding resources.

Our departments

Chemical and Radiation Defence Department

Department is responsible for preparation of future officers of the Chemical Corps and teachers who are involved in the process of teaching and training in the area of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Nuclear Weapons Defence (NWD).

Chemical Corps Department

Department is involved into the process of teaching and training of future commanders of Chemical Corps units. Provides basic practical education in laboratories – especially in the subject of Personal and Collective Protection.